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Bon Genin
Konoha no Kuni
Née le 26 Novembre 1999 - Vit à Small, all white, rectangular. I have become a Playmobil who has to go to class in a microwave. - Inscrite le 03/10/2012 à 22:15
Ses loisirs:I can't do anything funny tonight, I'm sorry I have to count my sins and put them in alphabetical order... By the way, before I forget, I'm thinking about freaking out on Friday!
Elle aime:What in this life is certain...Other than our word... Sometimes, the hero dies in the end... But even the villains like stories that have a happy ending...After all...hell is paved with good intentions. Every "bad guy" is the good guy in his mind...Right?
Elle déteste:Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of us with everything we use to love..
Son rêve:you felt only your sins crawling on your back..

Expérience4775 Ninjutsu
Equipe #60954
Nrutos12030 Taijutsu
Niveau Genjutsu

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