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Bon Genin
Kusa no Kuni
Née le 08 Avril 1995 - Vit à Club Sion - Inscrite le 06/09/2012 à 12:58
Ses loisirs:When they see me they say oh my god, they say it's a wild child without manners. They enter them say I'm crazy, but that does not atteinds me even though I really look depressed.
Elle aime:But what would it take me their answer? They just know that I chose a different path, and I do not care about their lives. I have better things to do.
Elle déteste:They are idiots, like slaves of their moral, I do not show anything for them. I'll play them because it's funny to see their shocked heads.
Son rêve:I live my life the way I want, they do not give me want to die, the devil makes me play on their nerves, I listen: it is good advice.

Expérience890 Ninjutsu
Death-Rockeuz ne fait parti d'aucune équipe.
Nrutos6355 Taijutsu
Niveau Genjutsu

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