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Jacque Arnold

Konoha no Kuni
Jacque Arnold Kingu
Né le 21 Juin 1996 - Inscrit le 02/01/2012 à 20:51
Daï Maito
Daï Maito
Ses loisirs:Just before lunch one day, a puppet show was put on in school.
Il aime:It was called "Mr Bungle goes to lunch". It was fun to watch. In the puppet show Mr Bungle came to the boys room on his way to lunch.
Il déteste:He looked at his hands. His hands were dirty and his hair was messy. But Mr Bungle didn't stop to wash his hands or calm his hair, he went right to lunch.
Son rêve:Then instead of getting into line at the lunch room, Mr Bungle pushed everyone aside and went right to the front. Even now this made the children laugh, no one thought that was a fair thing to do.

Expérience5515 Ninjutsu
Equipe #42225
Nrutos821127 Taijutsu
Niveau Genjutsu

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