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kushina <3

Bon Chuunin
Konoha no Kuni
kushina <3
Née le 19 Février 1995 - Vit à Pays des Tourbillons - Inscrite le 12/07/2009 à 20:36
Uzumaki Kushina
Uzumaki Kushina
Ses loisirs:• Say what you want to, i'm changing no more for you. It didn't turn out the way it was supposed to, if you don't understand then you won't know where i've been. If you won't then no point for me even begin to tell you.
Elle aime:• All the sticks and stones that you've been throwing at me, how they're killing me, oh why. Every night i try to sleep, toss and turn in my bed.Thoughts ring out in my head and i got to get away from here.
Elle déteste:• From the voice that i find ways to poison my mind, for i never thought that i would be. The one breaking my track, the one pulling me back, i'm killing me. I said what you want to, now i've done what i've done. 'Cause though i've tried to be real.
Son rêve:• But that's just left me undone, all this pain that i feel will leave a stain on my skin and the marks that they leave expose the shadows within i'll show you. I wih that things were better left unsaid, i wish that there was peace inside my head.

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