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Bon Genin
Kiri no Kuni
Né le 19 Février 1989 - Vit à your heart - Inscrit le 05/02/2009 à 21:43
Sasuke Uchiwa
Sasuke Uchiwa
Ses loisirs:I always say stay strong stay focus but it's fucking bullshit life are the one of the worst thing i've seen.
Il aime:I think the life are bad that's bad cause that not always funny we need to works hard and not do what we like to do
Il déteste:But not do what im doing now think why im here why I work why my life gone wrong
Son rêve:I've friend ive a girlfriend but I think all are not here forever dont forget anyway to remember you like them

Expérience2700 Ninjutsu
floodonhayate ne fait parti d'aucune équipe.
Nrutos168200 Taijutsu
Niveau Genjutsu

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