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Bon Chuunin
Kiri no Kuni
aboubcrb Trivium
Né le 28 Mai 1982 - Inscrit le 21/07/2008 à 08:51
Itachi Uchiwa
Itachi Uchiwa
Ses loisirs:most of people think that you have a family from the beginning but in my case well you can easily said that i found it and i believe that it is the beautiful think i had the chance to have Trivium maybe i own a ice heart but for you guys he is burning
Il aime:believe me you've never met a motherfucker like me
Il déteste:if you wanna become the dark you need to throw yourself over the darkness
Son rêve:the circle of life and death continues we will live they will die

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Natsu dragnee - Chuunin (T'es devenu fort gamin)
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William Peel - Excellent Chuunin
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Yumely - Bon Genin (:p KaWaii w3)
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